About Us


"A just and Poverty free society"


"Empovering people for sustainable development through active participation."

A brief introduction of FIOHDF:

Future in Our Hands Development Fund (FIOHDF) is a non-profit, non governmental organisation registered in Sri Lanka established in 1984.

It is working in 3 districts in two provinces of the country and with all three major communities, the Sinhalese, the Tamils and the Muslims.

FIOHDF was registered in 1989 under the Social Services Organisations Act and in 2009 as a non-profit making entity under the Companies Act.

Core values of FIOHDF:

Empowering people, organizing for collective action in order to achieve their own development goals

Sustainable and environment friendly livelihood development- climate change resilient agriculture practices

Facilitation an enabling environment/ gender sensitive planning to provide a lasting solution to the main issues faced by the poor, specifically women and youths

Active participation in Socio-economic development process - mobilize the vulnerable people in order to take their own decision, instead of top-down approach